Thursday, October 06, 2011

Tomas Tranströmer of Sweden wins Nobel Laureate in Literature

Swedish author Tomas Tranströmer has been announced as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. According to the Nobel websiteTomas Tranströmer was awarded because 
because, through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality. Read more here
Born on April 15, 1931, Tranströmer is a "Swedish writer, poet and translator, whose poetry has been deeply influential in Sweden, as well as around the world." (Wikipedia)

His probability of winning the award was perfectly predicted by ladbrokes, who pegged him at 4/1 odds winning over Bob Dylan at 5/1. He is considered as a hometown favourite. According to the announcement, Tranströmer was a full-time psychologists who found time to write.

With some of his books having been translated into English, I expect some of you might have read him. Anyone?
Earlier there was a hoax from a similarly designed site that Dobrica Cosic has won. This post has been removed.


  1. Nope. I had not heard of him until today!

  2. Me too, Stefania. It's rather unfortunate the Nobel is rather uncovering new authors for me. lol.

  3. I ve not just few via links yesterday on twitter will be doing asap ,all the best stu

  4. I have in an old introduction to European poets book, that I think was published by penguin

    November in the Former DDR

    The almighty cyclop’s-eye clouded over
    and the grass shook itself in the coal dust.

    Beaten black and blue by the night’s dreams
    we board the train
    that stops at every station
    and lays eggs.

    Almost silent.
    The clang of the church bells’ buckets
    fetching water.
    And someone’s inexorable cough
    scolding everything and everyone.

    A stone idol moves its lips:
    it’s the city.
    Ruled by iron-hard misunderstandings
    among kiosk attendants butchers
    metal-workers naval officers
    iron-hard misunderstandings, academics!

    How sore my eyes are!
    They’ve been reading by the faint glimmer of the glow-worm lamps.

    November offers caramels of granite.
    Like world history
    laughing at the wrong place.

    But we hear the clang
    of the church bells’ buckets fetching water
    every Wednesday
    - is it Wednesday? -
    so much for our Sundays!

    translated by Robin Fulton


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