Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kwei Quartey Launches Children of the Street

On July 12, 2011, Children of the Street, a new novel by the Ghanaian mystery writer and physician, Kwei Quartey, went on sale. Children of the Street is part of the Inspector Darko Dawson series. Copies could be purchased from bookshops or downloaded onto laptops, smartphones, Kindles, iPads, Kobos and other tablet devices. The first book in the series is Wife of the Gods.

Praise for Children of the Street

“Quartey cleverly hides the culprit, but the whodunit’s strength is as much in the depiction of a world largely unfamiliar to an American readership as in its playing fair…” —STARRED Publisher’s Weekly
“Searing and original and done just right . . . Inspector Darko Dawson is relentless, and I look forward to riding with him again.” —Bestselling Author Michael Connelly
“Darko Dawson, with his secret struggle to stop smoking marijuana and his son’s chronic illness, is one of the most engaging characters this reader has ever encountered. The police work, the unexpected reveal of the murderer and the motivation for the killings, and the clever interactions among characters of widely different professions and social classes will completely satisfy readers who enjoyed the first book and intrigue newcomers.” Library Journal
CHILDREN OF THE STREET is a fast-paced rollercoaster through Accra…” - Kate Childs
But don’t take their word for it, try it and be the judge yourself. If you absolutely hate it, let me know by replying to this email and I will email you an Amazon gift card for the amount you paid for the novel. Depending on where you buy it, it runs between $9 and $15. There is no hardcover edition this time, making it much more accessible and affordable to everyone. Most hardcovers run between $24 and $30, which is a lot to pay for a book.
Anyway, I’ll shut up now so you can get to reading, and while you’re sinking into the story, I’ll go buy some sparkling apple cider to celebrate.
Read ImageNations' interview Dr Kwei QuarteyClick here to visit the author's website.


  1. My comment naturally has to do with the availability of the book here in Ghana; it will be interesting to see whether it does become available. I am not even sure whether I saw any copies of his first book being sold here?

  2. @Me too Nina... I never saw one. I wonder how these deals are signed or made ...

  3. As usual, not available in Ghana. Happens all the time, no. Our lives are mined for books and other endeavors and yet we are not consumers of the product. Anyway, congrats to Quartey.

  4. @Kinna that's was what I was asking. Is there anything that prevents the author for making his books available in certain countries? i don't know how these things work. I hope we get to read them.

  5. You are constantly reminding me that I need to read this author. I definitely will.

  6. @I haven't as yet read any of his books. Blame availability. Sometimes the response is 'it is available on amazon'. But is it everybody who could shop online?

  7. I was about to complain that this book is unavailable at my library, but not being available in the very country of the author-very frustrating for you all. Happily for me they have a copy of Wife of the Gods so I shall try it and possibly convince the library to purchase Children of the Street.

  8. @Sandra... yes it is frustrating knowing that an author from your country has written a book but you can't access it. I wonder how they market their works.

  9. Hello everyone:
    I share your frustration about the availability of my novels in Ghana. Here is how it works: the English language publishing rights are owned by Random House. For the first novel WIFE OF THE GODS (WOTG), those rights were not available to other countries. Mind you, the FOREIGN language rights actually belong to the author, e.g. an Italian, French and German company bought the book, translated it and published it in their respective languages.

    Because of multiple requests from Ghana to read WOTG, I asked Random House if they would please make the English rights for the second novel CHILDREN OF THE STREET available to Ghana, and they granted my request. Therefore, a Ghanaian publisher can now buy the novel and publish and distribute it in Ghana. There are two publishers who have expressed the interest while I visited Ghana this year in June, so I have sent them a copy each. Hopefully one of them will make a bid to my agent. I hope that explains the situation better. Thank you for your interest.

  10. thanks Kwei Quartey for the exposition.


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