Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ImageNation's Widening Focus

This blog has been in existence for almost two years. Over this period its objective and agenda has metamorphosed from just a place of literary posting to a place of promoting African Literature and my poems. In promoting African Literature I tended to post reviews of books (novels, short stories, non-fiction, collection of poetry etc) I have read. Thus, every book that was posted were reviewed by me. In doing so, I have tended to be slow and therefore this slowness has seriously affected the zest with which I wanted to promote African Literature. Again, interviews have been far and between and this is not what I envisaged at the beginning. 

Therefore to bring verve into this blog and to make this blog a place for the promotion of African Literature as a whole I have decided to include the following:

1. Review of African Books (poetry, fiction, non-fiction etc) at various sites
2. Literary competitions available for Africans
3. Literary awards earned by African writers
4. Newly published books (reviewed or not-reviewed)

It is my hope that with these I would be able to largely achieve what I set off to do. If you have any idea of how to make this blog a success please don't hesitate to leave it in the comment box.


  1. Yes, my friend, great ideas, and I will be coming to read them. Grease!


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