Friday, January 29, 2010

Abracadabra, Adabraka

I have been trying to post a poem with the above title but it is not working. I cut and pasted it, but I was told there is an error in the html or something. I deleted it and typed it fully but the same problem arose. What could be the reason. I am at work and very busy. I have changed jobs and the new one is virtually keeping me on my toes. I hope to come back to reading and reporting on my thoughts. I have not abandoned this blog. However, in the interim I would be posting some of my poems so we can discuss them.

PS: If this post works, then the problemj would have to do with the verses and stanzas in which the poem is typed.


  1. Try cutting and pasting the poem while the editor is in HTML mode, not "compose" mode

  2. Thanks Edward. I would follow it and see if I will be able to post this poem.


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